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Terms and conditions

1. Fees
a. Rates will be agreed upon in advance by the translator and the client. Any estimates given by the translator based on the client’s description of a project will not be binding until the source text has been received and a quote offered.
b. If any changes are made either to the texts or the client’s requirements (including change of deadline or delivery format), or if it emerges that not all the relevant information has been provided, the fee may be renegotiated taking into account the additional work.
2. Delivery
a. The delivery date will only become binding after the translator has had full sight of the material to be translated, and may be altered if any amendments are made to the client’s requirements. Delivery will be by close of business on the day of the deadline unless agreed otherwise. 
b. If circumstances arise which prevent delivery of the translation by the agreed deadline, the translator will inform the client of this at the earliest opportunity and discuss an appropriate solution and/or discount. The translator will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or late delivery of finished work due to the postal or telecommunication services or to force majeure.
3. Format
Translations are delivered by email as a Microsoft Word document unless specified otherwise. On request, delivery is possible by fax, standard mail, or on a CD data disc. Any other formats or means of delivery must be expressly agreed upon by the translator and the client, and may result in additional fees.

4. Payment 

a. Unless otherwise agreed, payment shall be made in full to the translator no later than 30 days from the date of invoice.
b. Larger projects may require delivery and payment in instalments, to be agreed before work commences. 
c. In the event of a payment being overdue, the translator will have the right to stop work on any outstanding projects or instalments until the outstanding payment is made in full.
5. Intellectual property
a. Translations remain the intellectual property of the translator until payment has been received in full. If copyright is assigned and the translation is subsequently published, the client is expected to acknowledge the translator’s work in the same way as for others involved in the publication, unless otherwise agreed.
b. If the delivered translation is in any way amended or altered without written permission, the translator shall be in no way liable for the amendments made or their consequences.
6. Confidentiality
a. The translator will keep confidential all information and documents delivered by the client, and will not disclose any such information or the contents of such documents to any third party without the express authorisation of the client unless compelled to do so by law. Other translation professionals may be consulted over specific terminology queries and linguistic matters, provided that there is no disclosure of confidential material.
b. The translator will be responsible for the safe-keeping of the client’s documents once received, and for copies of the completed translation. However, the translator accepts no responsibility for the confidentiality of, or loss or damage to documents/data whilst in transit, electronically or otherwise.

7. Cancellation

a. In the event of cancellation of the commission by the client after it has been placed, the client shall pay the translator the full contract sum for the work completed up to the cancellation date, in addition to 10% of the agreed fee for the uncompleted work, unless otherwise agreed.
b. If a client goes into liquidation, receivership, or becomes insolvent or bankrupt, the translator must be notified and has the right to cancel any agreed work.

8. Complaints and disputes

a. If the translator fails to produce a translation which is fit for the stated purpose, and if after notification in writing has not rectified or justified the alleged defects, the client is entitled to a reduction of the fee by a sum equal to the reasonable cost necessary to remedy the deficiencies, and to cancel further instalments of work. This entitlement will not apply unless the translator has been notified in writing of all alleged defects in the translation.
b. Any complaints by the client regarding the translator’s work shall be submitted within 7 days of delivery.

9. Responsibility and liability
a. The translator shall undertake to carry out the translation with reasonable skill and care, according to the standards of the industry, and endeavour to ensure that the translation is suitable for its agreed purpose and target readership. The translation will match the source material in content, style and form, and the client is not entitled to expect any improvements to be made to these aspects by the translator unless expressly specified at the time the project is commissioned.
b. The translator’s entire liability to the client shall not exceed the agreed price of the translation. The client must notify the translator of the full details of any claim within 30 days of delivery of the translation, otherwise no liability is accepted. Under no circumstances shall the translator be held liable for claims related to nuances of style.
c. The client is responsible for ensuring the source text does not contain material of a libellous nature or infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties. The translator accepts no liability for this.

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